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Clubs and Extra Curricular


2015 Clubs information

There are plenty of extracurricular clubs and activities at John Colet School.  Here is a round-up of many of them so you can get an overview of what is available and when. Our sincere thanks to the parents and staff who give their time to manage these activities for the benefit of our students.

Monday: Intermediate 3.10 – 4.10pm, Cost $90 per term
Wednesday: Beginner: 10.10-10.40am, Cost $45 per term
Wednesday: Transition: 12.25 – 12.50pm, Cost $45 per term
Friday: Seniors: 7.20 – 8.20am, Cost $100 per term
Venue: Colet 1
Contact: Simone at johncoletchessclub@gmail.com

The John Colet Choir offers children in 4th, 5th and 6th class the opportunity to perform in a chamber choir and to further develop their ensemble and part singing skills with challenging repertoire designed especially for smaller choirs. The idea of a small choir is to keep the numbers limited to thirty students. This allows for even distribution of voices for 3-part arrangements. The John Colet Choir requires commitment. The rehearsals will take place on Wednesday afternoons from 2:50pm to 3:30pm and on Thursdays during the school day. Members of the John Colet Choir will be required to attend all rehearsals and also commit to a number of scheduled performances both at school and at a variety of different venues throughout the year.
Contact: mmiles@johncolet.nsw.edu.au

Monday lunchtimes, open to Upper First students and older
Fee: $149 per term
All equipment provided. Students to wear sports shoes.
Contact: tim@sportextraonline.com

French classes
Beginners/Junior class: Tuesday 3.00 – 3.55pm
Intermediate/Senior: Thursdays 3.00 – 3.55pm
Fee: $10 per lesson
Venue: JCS library
Contact: Jenyne H frenchcoach01@gmail.com

Garden Club
Fridays 3.15pm – 4.15pm
Fee: $10 per child per class
Venue: JCS garden area
Contact: http://doodle.com/eevfrphkyvcgvs48
or email Linda at johncoletgardenclub@gmail.com

Instrumental music lessons
Piano, viola, violin, cello and flute, Ensemble membership and Concert performances
Lessons during school hours at JCS music centre
Fees: $39 per half hour
Contact: Music Coordinator at crossingstrings@gmail.com

Latin classes
Infants: 30 minute lesson before School.
Upper First class: begins Term 3, Tuesday 8.10 – 8.45am, Colet 1.  This class still to be selected.
2nd class: Wednesday morning 8.10 – 8.45am, Colet 1
Primary 3rd and 4th classes: Tuesdays 1.05-1.35pm (lunch play time) Venue:TBA
5th and 6th classes: Children who have completed the Spelling syllabus learn Latin three times per week during school teaching hours.
Contact:  If you are interested in Latin for your child, please talk to your class teacher in the first instance.

Mandarin classes
Beginners class: Wednesdays, 3-4pm
Advanced class: Fridays, 3-4pm.
Fee: $80 for Term 1.
Venue: Colet 1
Contact: Katrina
0418 295 428

Sailing Club
Every Saturday morning during Terms 1 and 4, 8.30am – 12pm
Open to Years 3,4,5,6
Fee: $140 per term
Venue: Balmoral Beach
Contact: Duncan on 0404 832093

Sewing Club
Tuesday lunchtimes, after lunch service
Open to 6th class students
Fee:  $20 to cover material costs
Venue:  Colet House 1
Contact:  Mrs Donald

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A fantastic year for John Colet School chess club

Hello Chess Enthusiasts!

This is the final Chess news item not only from me but also for 2014.  Once again we can look back at an amazing year of achievements by the talented students of the Chess Club!  John Colet was represented by 26 Chess Club members across 4 Inter-school tournaments. 

To summarise our results this year:

·         Mona Vale One- Day Chess Tournament (March):

o   A team came first (out of 72 teams) with a perfect score of 21 points

o   Girls team came second in the Girls division.

·         NSW JCL Primary School Chess Tournament (Term 2 & 3)

o   Championship MW1 Division

§  A team  –  Equal 2nd Place!

§  B team – 5th place!

o   Intermediate MW2 Division

§  C team – 2nd Place!

o   Rookie MW4 Division

§  D team – Division Winners!

o   Rookie Junior MW7 Division

§  E Team – Equal 2nd Place!

·         Sydney Academy Chess Interschool Chess Challenge (Term 2 & 3)

o   Artarmon Heat – 3rd place (Lucas v de S – 2nd place individually)

o   Harbord Semi-Final – 4th place (Ryan B - 4th place individually)

WOW – what a performance and so much to look forward to next year!!

I wish to thank the Parents who have assisted me this year with supervising the different chess classes: Simone Pietschner, Xia Chen, Chandra Balachandran, Mariana Papa and Sara Lonergan.  I would also like to thank Clare Jeffries who looks after the Chess accounts.

Thank you to the teachers who help us to keep an eye on the kids on Monday afternoons and Friday mornings! 

Information about next years’ classes will be sent out early next year, but at this stage the lesson times will remain the same.

As you know, Simone Pietschner will be the Chess Co-ordinator in 2015 and she will need the help of parents in supervising the classes as well as the logistics of the competitions.  Please contact her at the chess email to indicate your availability.

I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a restful break over the Summer.

Final Chess lessons for the Year

The final chess lessons for the year will be as follows:

Intermediate class: Monday 17th November

Beginners and Transition classes: Wednesday 19th November

Seniors: Friday 21st November

There will be no chess in Week 8.

Yours strategically (for the last time!!),
Heather B

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Happy 450th Birthday Mr Shakespeare

John Colet School students write about their love of The Bard.

Dear Mr Shakespeare,

Happy 450th Birthday!  I think you are the best playwright ever!  I wish I could be a good writer like you.

Thank you for making me do excellent writing in this year's stressful writing competition.  If it wasn't for you I wouldn't be here writing this well punctuated paragraph.

Thank you for bringing seventeen hundred words into my life.  If you didn't make up the words so many things in my life wouldn't have made much sense.

My favourite play is Macbeth.  I found out two weeks ago that another name for it is The Scottish Play.

My favourite quote from your "As you like it" is:

"All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players.
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages."

It makes me wonder about our existence and what is real and what is imagined.  We have an annual Shakespeare Festival here at John Colet School.  We go to a theatre and perform in front of a lot of other people.  Last year I played Macbeth in our class play.

Thank you for listening to my heartfelt letter.

Yours sincerely,
Kai P

Dear Mr Shakespeare,

Happy Birthday.  I can't imagine being 450.  Thank you so much for all the wonderful plays.  My favourite is Romeo and Juliet.  I have watched it over and over.  I wonder what your favourite play is?

Here at John Colet School we do Shakespeare plays and we have a wonderful Shakespeare Festival.  We perform our plays at the Glen Street Theatre.

Right now my great class is doing "Much Ado About Nothing".  I play Beatrice with my friend Ella.  She plays Beatrice 1 and I play Beatrice 2.  The reason for this is that Beatrice has too many lines so we split it.

4N, my class, is not doing the entire play because it is too long. I would really love to do the whole play however, we are only going up to the part where Beatrice falls in love with Benedick.  Oh! Did I mention that I have the last line of the play?

Anyway, thank you so much for all you have done for me.  I really appreciate it.

Kind regards,Nadine

Dear Shakespeare,

Happy 450th Birthday!  I would like to thank you for giving us your wonderful plays.

Your plays have helped our memories because of practising all this time and rehearsing.

I would like to say our class is doing "Much ado about nothing".  We are doing this play because every year we have a Shakespeare Festival in your honour.

I'm also having trouble laughing when I do the embarrassing parts of Claudio.

Shakespeare, I hope you enjoy this letter.  It really is an honour to write to you.

Yours sincerely,
Sasha H


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John Colet School Sailing club enrolment form

John Colet School Sailing Squad

The JCS Sailing Squad has been running for over 20 years and meets at the Balmoral Sailing Club on Saturday mornings during Terms 4 and 1.  We have a small fleet of Lasers and Mirrors.  Initially, children sail with an experienced skipper and learn the rudiments of crewing and skippering the boats.  Once they have gained sufficient experience and knowledge, they can take charge of their own boat.  The aim of the Squad is to provide the children with the opportunity to enjoy ‘messing around in boats’ and to prepare them to participate in the Balmoral Sailing Club’s afternoon races during their final year or after they have left John Colet.  In the past, several students and ex-students have participated in the Mirror Nationals which were held at Balmoral.

The session starts at 8.30am.  Parents and children rig the boats, sail for between 1 and 1.5 hours and then de-rig the boats and return them to the boatshed.  They also learn some basic terminology, knot tying, etc.  The morning is fun and relatively informal. For those parents not keen on actually sailing there is still a very enjoyable morning on the beach.

The charge for participation is $140 per Term, payable with application or latest in the first week of term. All boats, life jackets and equipment are provided.

The Squad is run by a group of parents and friends who give their time to the club for free.  We are always happy to hear from any new parents with sailing experience or who would like to learn.    It is expected that all families who enroll for sailing will help with rigging and de-rigging the boats and with managing the children on days when they are at the club.

Membership is open to all children in classes 3, 4, 5 & 6.  In the event that the club is over-subscribed, preference is given to older children and previous members.  To enroll, please complete the form below and return it to the School Office or email it to Duncan MacLennan. You can contact school parent Duncan MacLennan on on 0404 832 093 for further information if required.


JCS Sailing Squad-Enrolment Term 4, 2014

Please enrol my child ____________________________________________________________ in the JCS Sailing Squad for Term 4, 2014.  I have transferred $140.00 to the following account;

John Colet Sailing Squad,  BSB 032-003, Acct No. 168331.

Parent name________________________________________________________________

Mobile No._____________________

Email Address_______________________________

Signed: ________________________________      

Date: ___________________________

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Sewing Club creations


These wonderful pencil cases were made from tapestries worked by three 6th class students, who chose the patterns themselves and worked on their projects during Mrs Donald's lunchtime sewing club.  Gorgeous!

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Top rider representing John Colet School

Ayva B represented John Colet School in the NSW Interschool Equestrian Championships, and has been selected to represent NSW at the National Interschool Championships in Victoria next September.  This is a goal she has been working towards for the past 18 months and we send her our heartiest congratulations.

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Strong finish to chess competition

Team has depth, and lots of girl players!

John Colet Chess Club has done an amazing job representing their school in the Primary Schools Chess Competition for our region.

The final standings are as follows:

John Colet A (Championship Division MW1) – TIED EQUAL 2nd!

-          This would be the closest finish in years.  Only ½ POINT separated the top 3 schools!! This division is always hotly contested as it consists of the very best chess teams across the Northern Beaches. 

John Colet B (Championship Division MW1) – 5th PLACE!  (possibly 4th pending the results of 2 schools)

-          The B team also competed in the above Championship division.  Interestingly, they were the only team in the tournament to ‘beat’ the overall winners during the 9 weeks.

-          There was only 2.5 points between the winners and the B team.

John Colet C (Intermediate Division MW2) – 2nd PLACE!

-          This team was strong and steady throughout this division.  Great news for the future of our Chess Club!!   

John Colet D (Rookie Division MW4) – DIVISION WINNERS!


John Colet E (Junior Rookie Division MW5) – EQUAL 2nd PLACE!

CONGRATULATIONS to all of these students.

One Day Interschool Chess Challenge
Today 5 Senior members of the chess club will be competing in the Semi-Finals of the Interschool Chess Challenge. We all wish them the best of luck and we will report on their results next week.

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Fencing club tournament

Fencing is a favourite at John Colet School, with lessons held at lunchtime for those who sign up.  Each end of term, there is a round-robin style tournament to see who's at the top of their game.  This term Eleanor (6th class) took the honours.

fencing fencing2 fencing3

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Skills debating demands

Debating - the crown jewel in teaching communication

The study of English is divided into a number of areas: Spelling, Reading, Grammar, Handwriting, Speaking, Listening and so on. These subjects develop skills needed in the main game which is effective written and spoken communication.

Debating is, in many ways, the crown jewel in this process of teaching effective communication.  John Colet debates against the German International School, the Sydney Japanese School and two Armenian schools – Galstaun College and the Alexander Primary School.  We have a week to prepare each time we debate.

A debate is a civilised argument with formal rules; and a successful debater requires a range of skills including the ability to discuss, apply their reasoning powers, brainstorming; an ability to analyse and categorise the various arguments for and against.  And all this is before a single word of actual preparation has been written. 

When these preliminaries have been completed the first and second speakers go away to write mini-essays on their various arguments in favour of their side of the debate.  The third and fourth speaker take what they hope will be the arguments of the opposing team and prepare rebuttals of these arguments.

We meet a couple of times before the actual debate to hear and refine each debater’s material.  When we are happy that they have an effective set of clearly constructed arguments, and they are speaking for about three minutes, then they transfer their work to palm cards.  On the day of the debate we drive to the venue and “stand and deliver”. 

The courage, application, and skill of those children who each year choose to join the debating teams and put themselves up in front of an audience to argue their case, is truly an inspiration.


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Clubs at Open Day, some pictures

Open Day was a great chance to showcase what fun can be had at our Clubs and Extracurricular programs.

There was a giant chess board, a sailing boat and plenty of product on sale from our garden club.  Our Asian Stall sold lots of sugar cane juice, sushi and crepes too. And lovely cushions from sewing club.

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